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How do we know the secrets of happy travelers?

We’ve written and photographed our travels for magazines and in four travel guidebooks. We’ve been happy travelers as well as the unhappy version. We've been traveling for more than thirty years. Planes, trains, automobiles, buses, cruise ships, and pickup campers have carried us on journeys to half of the fifty states and sixteen foreign countries. We’ve traveled for business; we’ve traveled for pleasure. We’ve traveled with a baby, a teenager, and with Grandma. 
But it is through our experiences during sixteen years of owning a lakeside resort that we have truly come to know the travelers’ soul. We’ve been a part of family reunions, funerals, and weddings. We’ve hosted one night stands and fiftieth wedding anniversaries. We’ve been cursed at, laughed at, and physically threatened. We’ve been written about kindly and not so kindly. We’ve made life-long friends and thousands of casual acquaintances. We’ve had incidents involving sheriffs, firefighters, and brain surgeons. We could write quite a comedy about all of the things we have seen and experienced at our little resort.
Maybe someday we’ll write a movie script, but this website has one purpose: to bring happiness and hope to the travel weary and the travel leery. We want literally, to move you. 

Traveling is life at its most exhilarating. It IS life.

We sincerely hope that on these pages you find something to laugh about, something that reminds you of why you love to travel, and at least one “ah-ha” moment that moves you to action. So read on, then start planning your next trip. Here’s hoping it’s a happy one.


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